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What to wear?

Make sure to pick something that reflects the tone and purpose of our session.  If you are coming as a group or with your family, try to coordinate

Framing the portrait

I have props that I will bring to help set the scene.  However, these are your portraits, so bring what is important and precious to you.  I love incorporating more of your world into these moments.

PRO TIP: be careful that the prop doesn't steal the spotlight.  Shiny objects can obscure a great photo.

How do I look?

Come prepared...  Remember a brush, a mirror, extra makeup, and whatever else you may need.  We want you looking your best and you never know what to expect.​

PRO TIP: bring wet wipes, great way to clean up little messes easily.

Don't forget to say cheese!!

Start thinking  about the poses you want.  Pinterest is a great place to look for pose ideas especially when you have a theme in mind.

A helping hand

If you have a little one with you, consider asking for a second set of hands to help you get through the session.  We want them to look good too!  A helper can assist in distracting, and entertaining the child.

Think location, location, location

Your safety is my #1 concern; however, you get to decide where you want to have your pictures taken (within reason, please).  I am happy to suggest some of my favorite spots that I have used before.

DSC_0967 (3).jpg

Starting at:


DSCN3731 (3).jpg

Starting at:



Starting at:



Starting at:


DSCN7351 (3).jpg

Starting at:


DSCN0608 (2).jpg

Starting at:

Call for pricing

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