We took this session in August. Kennedy just turned 2 and Grayson turns 4 in October. This little brother and sister are so sweet to each other. They dressed up for their tea party and even gave tea and cake to their sweet parents and her stuffed animals. Kennedy's other outfit was a Minnie Mouse shirt that said "I'm twodles" and a tutu completed with Minnie ears! Grayson had a fun time at his "fishing" session in his shorts and fishing hat. The way he was casting, he might have actually caught a fish (if I had a hook on the line). haha

My husband and I love to take day drives and hike at the state parks. We hiked at Brown County State Park in July and we did something different, as we walked we looked for letters in the trees. We actually found quite a few, a lot of X's and T's! LOL This photo is from our hike in August at Shades State Park. I decided to focus on fungus this time. Believe it or not there are a lot of beautiful fungi. So many different colors and shapes. I think sometimes you just have to look ALL around to see the beauty we have been given.

It was so extremely hot the day we had Bristol's 18 month old session in July, but she was such an angel! I got the cutest pictures for her sweet mom and dad. She ended the session playing with the hose and I got some great candid shots of her cooling off. I did not get to play in the hose so after we were finished I came home to the cool, cool central air.