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Oh no! It's time to schedule our new family pictures!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Take a walk through your home. You probably have the kids school pictures displayed and maybe a couple of good snapshots, and a thousand pictures on your phone and computer that no one really ever sees. (In which case you really need a family photo)

Maybe you have a gorgeous family portrait centered on your gallery wall with smaller group and individual photos hung in just the right places. (In which case maybe your photos just need to be updated), Our children grow up so fast, we add to our families, and unfortunately we lose members of our families.

When a family member says "It's time to schedule our new family pictures" it is usually not met with much enthusiasm.

Why is this? Let me tell you.

Usually 1 family member does not like getting their picture taken, you have to check schedules, put your outfits together, decide what kind of pictures you want, what props do you need, find a photographer you like, select a location, decide how to pay, get everyone there and tell them to look happy,

Now let me make this easier for you.

What do you need to do:

Tell your family you want portraits and how much it means to you. (No getting around this one)

Pick out your clothes.


What I do:

Find out what kind of photos you want which in turn lets me choose an appropriate location and props.

Provide as much flexibility as possible to meet your very busy schedule.

Offer you a friendly, creative, professional, fun photo experience.

Offer several ways for you to pay, including electronic payment.

I do all of the work when we meet at the location:

Arrange props (if needed), show you how to pose to look your very best, get the kiddos to smile, etc.

Edit your photos in a timely manner and send you a password so you can view your photos with your family at your convenience.

Deliver quality portraits and gifts through my online store.

I am guessing you are thinking you have already found a photographer you might like since you have read this whole blog post and looked through the photo galleries.


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