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Well Hello!

It's been awhile since I posted anything! That doesn't mean I haven't been busy, it just means I am a MUCH better photographer than a blogger. Let's see...... Since I last chatted with you all quite a bit has been going on! Where to start? Our son started college, he decided instead of a Marine, he wants to be a History Professor, I must say, he will be a very good teacher. Our daughter, as you know graduated from Purdue Universities Pre Vet Program, BUT instead of going on to Veterinary School she has decided to join the Marines and become a pilot. Our son moved into his apartment not too long after our daughter moved home from college (with her small zoo!) a 100 pound German Shepherd, a bunny, 2 rats, and 2 turtles. I know, I know, RATS?! I was totally against this until I saw them. They are black and white with little pink noses and very smart. I never thought I would say this but I have grown quite attached to the little critters. My husband and had a wonderful vacation in Tennessee. We hiked parts of the Smokies, saw some bears, walked the brand new SkyBridge in Gatlinburg (it opened the day before we got there). In the midst of this busy, fun, crazy life with my family, I have also been doing my job (which I absolutely love!). I think in my spare time (LOL) I will take a blog class! There will be several blogs, as I am trying to catch up, I hope you enjoy each one.

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