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Where's Mom?

In 2000 my in laws took all of us to Disney World. I wasn't a photographer then, my husband was an auto mechanic and I was a mail carrier, we were just on vacation with our two cute children and the whole family. We were at the "Happiest Place on Earth" and I took a million pictures. Nick was 6 and Claire was 4, I had to have a picture of them on every ride, with every character and with Tony at every landmark and beautiful place. When we got home and I had the pictures developed (I still had a film camera) we were looking through the photos and I jokingly said to my husband "it looks like you went on vacation with the kids and I wasn't there". We kept looking through the photos and I was in very few. I would say "you guys get over there and let me take your picture with daddy". We took our next vacation and my husband made a point of posing me with the kids about half of the time. Since then I have proof that I have been on vacation with my family.... LOL! We have always taken pictures but we never noticed that I was the one always taking them. It made sense, I'm the one that wanted the photos, so I'm the one that took them, we never really thought about it. It is so easy now to be in the photos with your family because of cell phones (especially if you have a selfie stick!) just don't make selfies the only photos you are included in.

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